MVP Labs is a decentralized metaverse hub built for MMORPG, Battle Royale, and mass-adaptive games. The platform offers a highly scalable infrastructure to create your own 3D world, with all the features you need to create a fully immersive gaming experience.

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Skycity is the official starting point for all new players. Explore the city blocks, interact with NPCs, fly spaceships, and enter unique buildings. Jetpacks and other fantastic stuff coming soon! We have a roadmap for Skycity’s expansion into space. Sector 2 is being prepared for release by the end of 2023.

Skycity Inceptual Concept Art

Unmatched Battle Royale Engine

Our battle royale engine creator will allow you to make your own gaming experience and add custom maps and skins. A fully white-labeled experience is available for enterprise access.


MVP Labs is a decentralized and community-powered network governed by its DAO.


An ever-growing ecosystem of high FPS games built with highly scalable architecture


Bring blockchain into your Unreal Engine project with a BlockRPC developer kit.

Discover a whole new world, with infinite possibilities.

MVP Labs is building a metaverse where you can explore new worlds, learn, and make money while playing. Create your own avatar and play with others in our space sandbox universe or join one of many civilizations (including our own, Earth) to work on big-picture problems like space traveling. Imagination is your only limit.

MVP Token

MVP Labs token is the native token of MVP Lab metaverse ecosystem. It can be used to access and experience any services within the Metaverse including but not limited to games and virtual reality entertainment. MVP Labs token is also a governance token that grants its user voting power on certain issues that concern the community and its future direction




Market Cap



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MVPX is launching soon on Uniswap
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