Built to Simplify Blockchain for Gaming.

BlockRPC is a new way of building blockchain games. It allows developers to build next-generation blockchain gaming with simple developer kits, plugins, and libraries

BlockRPC is currently under phase 2 development and won’t be available until Q1 2023.

Next-Generation SDK

BlockRPC is a simple, fast, and powerful programming interface that lets you connect to the blockchain without having to use external tools or APIs. It’s the perfect tool for game developers looking to add a blockchain layer to their creations.

Simple setup, better scale

With BlockRPC’s cloud-native, hybrid-serverless architecture, we can offer a highly-efficient log management platform right inside your gaming cloud without burdening your engineers.

Simple and scalable pricing

Our dashboards are currently free and limited to a small number of processes. If you need more than what we offer, contact us for a paid plan.

Unreal Engine blueprints are free to use at any scale and do not require UI installation.

Everything you need and more

Play to Earn

BlockRPC lets you integrate play-to-earn, risk-to-earn, and much more easily into your unreal engine project without having to write any orders of magnitude more code by hand.


BlockRPC is the most accessible gateway to the utility of NFTs. Not only can you mint, transfer, or use NFTs through it, but also launch contracts directly from your game engine.

EVM Supported

BlockRPC’s unique hybrid design supports the most popular blockchains. You can connect any popular EVM-compatible blockchain to BlockRPC. If you want to use Solana, or other blockchains not supported yet, please contact our support so we can get your favorite one included in our roadmap.

Powerful and Elegant Dashboards

BlockRPC enables you to collect blockchain queries in dashboards and keep them private or share them with the rest of your team. Measure, track and report on all metrics related to your game.

Actively Monitor Activity

Leaks, downtime, and other problems may go unnoticed until they’re too late. Use Monitors to run background queries and connect to Notifiers to be alerted if things go wrong.

Role-based Access Control

BlockRPC Cloud gives you full control over the teams and users in your organization. Each user can be assigned to one or more roles, which create permissions for accessing datasets and tables.

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